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Club Sounds

the ultimate club dance collection
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Jahr: 2023
Verlag: Gütersloh, Sony Music
Mediengruppe: CDs
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Vorbestellen Zweigstelle: City Center Standorte: CD 2 / Sampler Status: Entliehen Frist: 29.06.2024 Signaturfarbe:
Barcode: 14155034 Vorbestellungen: 0


Enthaltene Lieder:
CD 1:
1. Smith, Sam / Calvin Harris & Sam Smith: Desire
2. Niklas Dee & Old Jim feat. Enny-Mae: Not Fair
3. Alok, The Chainsmokers & Mae Stephens / Stephens, Mae: Jungle
4. Purple Disco Machine, Duke Dumont, Nothing But Thieves / Nothing But Thieves: Something On My Mind
5. Martin Garrix, Lloyiso: Real Love
6. Lost Frequencies, Tom Gregory / Gregory, Tom: Dive
7. Marshmello & Dove Cameron: Other Boys
8. Kolors, The: ITALODISCO
9. Schulz, Robin: One with the Wolves
10. Romeo, Toby, Declan J Donovan: Alive
11. Rexha, Bebe & David Guetta: One in a Million
12. Jain & Ian Asher: Makeba - Ian Asher Remix
13. Freischwimmer x Rocco: Tomorrow
14. Rudimental x Charlotte Plank x Vibe Chemistry / Plank, Charlotte / Rudimental: Dancing is Healing
15. Loud Luxury, Two Friends, Bebe Rexha / Rexha, Bebe: If Only I
16. Kilian K & Chris Crone: The Way I Do
17. G+UNENBERG, Ladina Viva & KUYA: Funny
18. cornelius x Andreas Vey: dreamer
19. Forester, Frank Walker: Something in the Way
20. Kris Kross Amsterdam, Sofia Reyes & Tinie Tempah: How You Samba
21. MICAH feat. Dimoh: Queen Of California
22. Fred again.. & Obongjayar: adore u
23. Alex Gaudino x Dopamine x MazZz / Harper, Samantha: Saturday
24. Corry, Joel x MK x Rita Ora: Drinkin'
CD 2:
2.1. Leony, Niklas Dee & VIZE: I Can Feel
2.2. Alle Farben & James Carter & VARGEN: Wanna Dance
2.3. VIZE x Emma Steinbakken: When You're Lonely
2.4. AVAION, Sam Welch: Goodbye
2.5. Walker, Alan, Zak Abel, MEDUN: Endless Summer - MEDUN Remix
2.6. Way, Boris: People Love
2.7. Candys, Mike: Go Off
2.8. Vegas, Dimitri & Like Mike, David Guetta & Afro Bros feat. Akon: She Knows
2.9. Prezioso x Shibui: I Follow Rivers
2.10. YouNotUs, Shift K3Y feat. Norma Jean Martine: Coming Home
2.11. HVME / Söberg, Ida Maria: Waste Your Love
2.12. Coopex, Lost Culture, AZVRE feat. dbeet: 7 Years
2.13. D.O.D & Jax Jones: Need You Now
2.14. Dopamine & Sigala: Feel It Deep Inside
2.15. Italobrothers: L'Amour Toujours
2.16. Letoublon, Pascal , David Puentez, remme: Somebody To Miss
2.17. Kilian K, R4URY & BETASTIC: Lonely
2.18. Matisse & Sadko x Swedish Red Elephant: Holiday
2.19. D.t.e: Paradise
2.20. Nora & Chris x Alex Martin: Loco
2.21. FISHER, Kita Alexander: Atmosphere
2.22. Coolio x Lotus x Bodybangers: Gangsta's Paradise - Coopex Edit
2.23. Mahmut Orhan feat. Botan Beyaz / Botan: Backwards
2.24. Ponte, Gabry: Easy On My Heart
CD 3:
3.1. Southstar: Wild Ones
3.2. Macon, Enny-Mae: Say It Right
3.3. Kremik: UNSTERBLICH
3.4. Nicolas Julian / Perretta, Julian: La La La
3.5. Creeds & Summer Cem feat. Domiziana: Push Up (Pusher Babe)
3.6. Niklas Dee, Luca-Dante Spadafora: About You Now (How I Feel)
3.7. van Buuren, Armin / Wilson, Hannah: Lose This Feeling
3.8. HBz & Neptunica feat. MEELA: Raveship
3.9. Jerome & July: Rebellion
3.10. Lunax: Where Do We Go
3.11. Candys, Mike: Say You Will
3.12. Djs@work: Some Years Ago - Lenny McDustin Rework
3.13. Neptunica, Jerome & Marc Blou: Into the Night
3.14. Ampris & Giorgio Gee: Keep It On The Low
3.15. Gardeweg, Markus & Roy Stroebel: Sober
3.16. Neptunica: Safe and Sound - Niklas Dee & Luca-Dante Spadafora Remix
3.17. IOMMI x Perfect Pitch x Teddy Bee: Tequila To forget
3.18. Sheperd, Dennis & Diandra Faye: Yesterday Is Gone
3.19. Chany Dakota: Safe & Sound
3.20. CJ Stone feat. Mirella: Come Down (Infinity)
3.21. 89ers, Michael Rivera & Darius & Finlay: Feeling the Love Again (Explode)
3.22. Monkid x Lowx x leah julia: The Lost Soul Down
3.23. Stillewassergibtesnicht: habemichumarmt (und dabeigetanzt)
3.24. Binder, Nicolas: Moment


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Jahr: 2023
Verlag: Gütersloh, Sony Music
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